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Welcome to North Atlantic Services, your trusted partner for all your outdoor facility management needs! We are a dedicated team of professionals providing top-notch snow & ice removal services, landscaping expertise, firewood and fuel delivery, and solid excavation work. With years of experience and a passion for delivering exceptional results, we take pride in serving our valued customers throughout Southern Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts.



Privacy Terms Statement:

As a small business operating in B2B, we collect a limited number of contact details, only from our clients for conversational customer care and following up on contracts. Consent is collected via a verbal script that you can find here:

The script is as follows: ‘Thank you {Name} for signing with Acme. To follow up on your contract, could you provide me with your contact details: email and/or phone number. We will only use these details in the context of this contract and not for any other purposes. Could you let me know what’s your preferred method of contact: email, calls, or SMS?’

Text message communication will only be sent to people who have chosen this method or if the recipients are the one initiating the conversation via text message.

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